At the bank when you go to deposit some money, at the desk there you fill the slip with a pen often tied to a string that is tied to something else. You deposit the cash and you leave. Ever noticed one thing? The bank didn’t trust you with the pen. And you trusted the bank with your money.

The Plane

Twitter rises over literature. h r u saves a lot of tme mate. And what do you do with the saved time?

Every political party is telling you to vote appropriately. What an irony.

They all fight against child labour ignoring the child militants who fight wars.

Poverty is the biggest problem. The poor says that, the middle class says that and so does the rich.

Celebrities are made politicians. Activists are ignored.

The entire nation came on the streets for Lok Pal bill. The Prime Minister spoke about it after 6 months.

I paid twenty thousand to run on a treadmill. But the sand on the beach hurts.

Deluded we are by our own ignorance. Nature is my desktop wallpaper.

Such a big world and couldn’t see a small plane. And they want to see the future.

Where are we transporting ourselves to? What are we taking with us? What are we leaving behind? Ask yourself these questions and I bet you will find no real answers.

And no, the MH370 didn’t crash in the sea. It crashed into people’s ignorance.



  1. Some people call themselves “messengers of god”, only to be imprisoned as rapists.
    We send a billion dollar machine to find traces of life in space. Meanwhile, The Doomsday clock ticks away and it’s two and a half minutes to midnight.
    We create “good inconveniences” in the name of development. As soon as we get used to the “good inconvenience”, the government introduces a better one.
    A 7 year old gets killed in a school bathroom and the teachers protect the murderer.
    There will soon be a time when we will invent things to save us from our own inventions.
    A woman, after finishing her thesis on The Feminist theory, goes to a party and slut shames another woman.
    On a hot sunny afternoon, a concerned man sees a young girl walking alone and offers to drop her home. He later enters his own home, drunk, and beats his wife.
    We sleepwalk in our realities and are wide awake in our sleep.

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