I found the above picture somewhere on the Internet a long time ago. It did catch my attention and was saved in my inbox. Pay a little careful attention and the caricature has a story to tell.

For a change, I am not going to get into the intricacies of what I see. But just to hint at something, see if you can recognize your mascot somewhere in there and if you do, try to interpret that in your earthly life.

Put all wrongs that you did in the name of that whoever. Then look at the picture and ask why you did that.

The 2014 elections are going to decide the prospects of the country. And if I may take my idiosyncratic liberty, interpret the same idea to your political deities as well.

Simply surmising this idea. Is the picture saying LOL?

It’s summer and this heat is enough. Keep yourself hydrated and cool. And fight if you still want to fight. But in the name of peace. Not your god.


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