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Just like any other man I am minced into several palpable interpretations of me. Although I don’t come to you with optional avatars of me that you can choose, but most often your affinity with proximity of me decides which one to keep and which one to leave unexplored. I write pieces that might seem coming from an intricate mind. I look into things that usually the world stays oblivious to. At times I harbour partial dementia because today sanity is more of a quantitative attribute than a behavioral characteristic. Meaning, in a psychiatric ward of 100 patients, the ones with a deranged mind are the few doctors. I can read few authors till my back pains and few until my head. If a train is passing before me, I will see it go till the end. I drive to reach places that I have never been to; otherwise I simply commute. I used to love cricket until they started their acting career. I cannot fly kites because if I am looking at the sky, my head must rest on my hands. I love the idea of Superman, he can fly, he saves, and he is powerful and yet humble. Sometimes I feel I am the chosen one, but I still have to figure out what for. I do not understand money and god; we have ego issues. I believe men are not from Mars they are from Venus. Men come from women and women come from Venus. See the logical connection? My favourite colours are white and black. I love stationery, dark chocolates and coffee. I love the Moon and I think aliens live there.

I am,

Gaurav Chavan

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