Nice to see you here, Sir!

Oh! So the land wasn’t enough to hold our distinction that we meet mid air! Hello!

Haha! You have held onto it, don’t blame the land.

Well, I thought I would never see you again. After the sour meet last time when I, disappointed you.

Oh! No! Don’t mention that. You actually didn’t disappoint me, I was disappointed.

Isn’t that the same thing?

Well, you should be responsible for what you say and not for what I understand.

Aah! Very considerate of you. Thank you.

Well, that wasn’t really a compliment.

Well, I took it as one. Don’t be responsible for what I understand!


dialogue copy

Well, if it’s not too personal, how have you been all this while?

How do you want me to answer rhetorical questions?

There is something called courtesy.

Which certainly wasn’t there when your roses didn’t smell sweet, sir.

You don’t have to be a rebel to everything, should you?

Absurdism. We stay in an irrational universe.

Irrationality doesn’t mean you keep your umbrella open when it’s dark and not raining and yet justify its use.

The world is comprised of both. Rational and irrational entities.

But inhabited by beings that have a mind to choose to be rational.

Rationality cannot be a choice.

Irrationality neither. Why impose unscientific behaviour onto oneself?


I’ve been good and what about you?

I am on a self-embarked mission.

To where?

To know this world. To know myself.

(Chuckle) Is that a new trend or something? Introspective aging?

Why is the new generation always so critical about the old?

Isn’t the old generation itself disapproving of the present?

Why do you say that?

A self embarked mission in the times of a material world. What are you actually denying?

That matter doesn’t influence spiritual territories.

But matter is reality.

Not the absolute reality.

Does this have to do anything with how I perceive the world and how you do?

Perception cannot be escaped. It is instinctive.

Perception is also subjective.

Are you implying that knowledge doesn’t have an objective value?

Are you suffusing that reality has no objective value?

Reality has an imminent end. Subjective, objective and absolute. Knowledge doesn’t.


Do you believe in god?

I don’t know. I think I am atheist.

Oh sure and start praying the moment this plane starts falling?

Haha! Gods are only glorified men sir. Like calling cricket a religion.

Atheism is also a belief, that god doesn’t exist. So what you believe is a conjecture, it doesn’t support any reality.

Geocentrism can’t be negated. In my life, I could be the center of my universe.

True. But not in a pluralist society.

Universal truth or a mere mental concept?

Mental truth, a universal concept.

Funny to believe that self-denial of the body brings spiritual enlightenment.

You need to step out of you to see what’s there to experience.

Sure but needless to deny palpable reality.

There is also a realm beyond the tangible.

Why negate this body, which is also a component of your god?


Numerous subjects that comprehensibly have no real answers. Yet they exist and reside amongst our own realities and delusions. There is never a doctrine that prescribes a way of existence. Each is subject to its own denials and acceptance. It is important to believe that the world is controlled by one good and one evil force at the same time and each being a substantial feature in this compound of metaphysical universe. There are a lot of logical paradoxes that raise ambiguity. And they stay there reminding us that no philosophy or reasoning can explicate one solution.

If time is boundless, measureless and infinite, what decides a generation gap? The young and old have different perceptions of their subjective worlds only classified into distinct time gaps. Neither is right or wrong, yet both accountable for their own course of action. Both have their own answers however the questions are concerned with their respective ideological worlds. Both debate over how to turn complexity into simplicity. Both fail to understand that simplicity is not to do but to undo. Simplicity is not to become, but to un-become.

Such is this world of complexity. Like an intricate abstract painting that is open to various interpretations. You like it or not, it still has to convey something. You accept it or you don’t, it still continues to exist. Served on a platter of dislikes, complexity is often against your taste. Look at it as if it were a dessert. Not an integral part of the meal but good to have a little around. Complexity is like an art and you have to learn to be tolerant and liberal towards it.

The dialogue here ends. But hope the one within your inner self, begins.


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