Elections 2014. India Wins.


There were reports from around the world, how India has been misled by a communist’s autocracy. There were few amongst us too who prognosticated how these elections wouldn’t mean much. There were many around the world that looked at India like a country full of disparities and divided in ideologies. And there still is a part of this country that thinks, it is somehow obliged to a dynasty, to foreign imports, to believe in simply following someone.

World, the largest democracy there is, with 814 million voters, battled the right to vote for 543 constituencies to elect a stable strong government. It should be surprising to all those European, American, Middle-Eastern and neighbours’ media that despite our diversity in everything they could think of, we the people of India boycotted every anti-national, anti-progress, anti-development, for one common good and by unanimously voting for a change. And if some only trust figures, unanimously means excess of the required to 272 without any alliance. From buying voters to polarisation, everything seem to have failed. Perhaps one example I see today where every “Indian” exercised their right in choosing its governance irrespective of any religion.

And today, it makes me emotional, very emotional, being an Indian to witness this story that makes history. We the people of India, who solely resolved to constitute India into a sovereign socialist secular democratic republic state, stood by it. And I think it’s time, this world starts pronouncing democracy as we understand it. And this is what we call Loktantra. The power of the people.

#Elections2014 #IndiaWins



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